Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another  Awareness  Arrives

1/27/2015    Amazing How Growth Continues

DAILY STRESS:  Just realized that the trigger to "eat sweets" for comfort and quieting is because of everyday stress that arrives on a regular basis.  Yesterday found out a long time girlfriend, Sandra Schuetz, that I walked with to high school everyday had died last April.  We went rollerskating to the Palomar Roller Rink every Thursday also.  We were the same age and actually were friends as toddlers because of living across the street from each other up to 6 years old.  Hadn't seen each other often in our adult life, but kept in touch - at least at X-Mas and once other time during the year with a phone call.  Can't believe she's gone.

Another problem yesterday was my iPhone not able to get or send email.  Tried many things that weren't working so of course I was frustrated.  Finally hit on connecting the phone through the cable, to the computer and adding the new password after that.  It took quite a few hours to come to the process that worked.  I ate chocolate but didn't have any ice cream in the house.

Today dealt with a DirecTV bill that was way too high.  Took the entire morning.  Again the "wanting to eat something pleasurable" was/is strong.  Guess knowing this up front should give me an edge to conquering it?

The forever fight to gain control of this body and make sure I stay healthy and active.  Can tell my muscles are losing power and even makes walking any distance difficult.  We lose muscle mass unless we work actively to keep it I guess.

Till Next Time ......

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