Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weight Loss - Personal Growth

1/21/2015   Hello Healthy  -  Finding the Right Lifestyle

Marty left yesterday and it is time for me to get back to business.  Am working on how I feel about the way Meg treats me.  It seems she is an irritant - and she actually goes out of her way to irritate me - every time she is in my presence.  Will work on this.  Ex: not looking at me during lunch at the beach including when I was talking to her or she was talking to me.  I called her on it and she accused me of hurting her feelings saying that - to which I replied she was hurting MY feelings by not looking at me.  If we were not in public I'm sure she would have exploded and ran off.  That is her usual behavior.

Had a Dr. Oz 10 shake for breakfast.  Even though I have leftovers from some unhealthy choices of the last few days - think those are not going to be consumed by "Ms Healthy" here.  I like the USANA shakes better.

Am finally finished with the cold that gripped me at Christmas this year.  Am looking forward to starting a walking program to increase muscle strength.  Small amount at first then to work up to a mile.

Will take this day to get myself back in shape to carry on with daily necessities but also to get the house ready for sale?

Till Next Time

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