Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weight Loss - Personal Growth

1/25/2015    Am grateful for another day of beautiful blue skies and sunshine!  The temp has dropped to 54F but that is better than freezing and I have a working furnace keeping me comfortable.

Found an old email that points out how what happened to me at 7 after Daddy died - where I was an abuse victim and was blamed & punished.  My response was to break my beloved "writch watch" I had received from Hank in the Army in France before he was killed later that year, and started using sweets to self-soothe.   A similar thing happened in 1971 where I was a victim, blamed and started self-soothing to the weight gain I am struggling with today.  Need to spend some time with that to resolve it and move on.

Need to put food and eating as a program in the background - running there for nourishment, while up front get back to living life.  I have come down in weight from the high of 303 to the 260's but have hovered there for the past few years.  Time to aim at 180.  That means 80 pounds to lose and should be accomplished in a year.
Am setting Jan. 27, 2016 as the date I arrive at goal.

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