Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 16, 2014            Need to Analyze My Road to Success

Sean Anderson wrote how his latest counseling session he co-anchors had him look at what he thought was in need to get more sleep and do better time organizing.  Turned out he was given            to think about and came up with needed small steps that could get him to bed earlier.  Start writing his blog earlier and adding to it throughout the day instead of just taking notes all day as thoughts hit.  That's an example.  Guess we need to change just a little behavior that will make a big difference in the long run.  I need to look at how I can feel physically food/taste satisfied earlier in the evening, perhaps right at dinnertime.

Another thing I realized is when I have a socialization date - the night before, I binge.  Thought it was the socializing but today realized it might be the driving and not knowing how to get there.  Today my GPS instilled new faith in it by getting me there.  I actually laughed out loud when I thought I was helplessly lost.  Usually I'm fighting tears as I do when not being able to find the dermatologist in FL  Driving somewhere I don't go often or that is complcated to get to  - - -  it upsets me.  I now though, after today am willing to try to find Great Cuts in Grafton, with my GPS.  There will not be socializing or a time limit added to the mix so I will not be stressed if it doesn't go smoothly.

Need to start doing a more healthy choice and consumation of food that I can get back to the scale numbers going down again.  I'm worth it - that's for sure.

Till Next Time.....

Monday, July 14, 2014

                         A   LITTLE   PROGRESS 

Did pretty well in the food choice dept. as I didn't sleep much all night long. 
Was moving slowly throughout the day as you might imagine.  Here it is very late again and I thought I'd FORCE myself to turn in early tonight.  Didn't happen.  Somehow I seem VERY AWAKE at night - what is this..... days and nights mixed as happens to babies?

Found that as the evening progresses even though I'm not feeling actual hunger, there is a push to snack on something late at night.  What is this?  Habit?  Overly tired and jut not recognizing it?  Too Hungry? Too Lonely?  Too Tired?  Too Angry?   Those are the sure losing weight journey breakers.

Better hit the hay - - - -  Till Next Time

Sunday, July 13, 2014

                      Sitting in the Chair Sunday

July 13, 2014      Am upset with myself today.  Where did m resolution to try walking to J's today?  Just sat in the recliner and watched Oprah Super Soul Sunday segments.  Gathered and took notes of VERY good information from different interviews.  However, MY moving forward with my intentions were not met.  HAS to be better tomorrow!!!!!  Will not only get some movement in but will make better choices with food - no junk food at the end of the day.

Thinking about how good it was to be here and getting together at  & W's to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  Took balloons and cake to add the celebration atmosphere - but the best part was everyone conversing.  Communicating is important and even if everyone is in the same room that doesn't happen.

Till Next Time,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

            Unhappy With my FoodChoices Lately

July 12, 2014              Can't Seem to get Back on Track

Have to remember to not let myself get ~ 
Those are saboteurs of being in control and having the ability to see weight loss.

I can't seem to get this track going like I used to do.  I keep having a "no. 1 Day and Start" over and over again.  What is keeping me from making a solid commitment?  Am trying to get in touch with that.  This has been going on for a long time but the circumstances I am in at this time are rather new to the process so need to do examining of that.  Food and movement are to be looked at closely.  I will not give up!!!   I keep consoling myself with what I have done in the last year and the scale numbers are going in the right direction but you & I know that it is a drop in the bucket.  Like throwing a deck chair of an ocean liner.

Till next time ~ ~ ~

Am trying to learn how to get this blog to a spot where I like the looks of it but also filling in with areas that I want to keep track of all in one place - not in 20 different note books.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014         The Struggle Continues

This has been a lifetime struggle so what makes me think I can change things in a short time?  I am trying to remember not to get Too Hungry, Too Tired,  Too Angry or Too Lonely!  Those are disasters to being successful on this journey.  Another thing I have to remember is what a friend of mine reminded me I said a while back which was "treat what we are doing as maintenance - because that is what we are really doing."  None of this being on a diet that we then go "off" of down the line.  That is what I have actually been doing since I was 15 years old.  Time to change my method of attacking this overweight to obese problem.

Wt. Quote: "Whose voice do you hear reprimanding you for eating when you are not hungry?"  Geneen Roth  Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7/9/2014     Discovering Instinctual Responses

After doing much soul searching about the reason for the "drug like NEED" for ice cream, decided it was anger feelings rolling around for 2 days, over being dictated to and manipulated to do something that I sort of feel I should do, but am not included in the decision making.   Made a "desperate" run to the store and purchased Edy's Double Churned for 120 cal. per 1/2 cup and also splurged even more - - - buying potato chips because they were on sale for $2.00.  Is that stinkin' thinkin' or what?  Was satisfied after about 1 cup (didn't measure) of the I.C. but munched quite a few chips.  The scale hit 260 this morning and it scared me because I've been in the 50's for a while.  My scale will show a different No. if I keep getting on over and over.  The one that showed up quite a few times was 256.4   Today is going to be thoughtful choosing of food.  Am counting cal. on my FitnessPal and am back in control.