Monday, July 14, 2014

                         A   LITTLE   PROGRESS 

Did pretty well in the food choice dept. as I didn't sleep much all night long. 
Was moving slowly throughout the day as you might imagine.  Here it is very late again and I thought I'd FORCE myself to turn in early tonight.  Didn't happen.  Somehow I seem VERY AWAKE at night - what is this..... days and nights mixed as happens to babies?

Found that as the evening progresses even though I'm not feeling actual hunger, there is a push to snack on something late at night.  What is this?  Habit?  Overly tired and jut not recognizing it?  Too Hungry? Too Lonely?  Too Tired?  Too Angry?   Those are the sure losing weight journey breakers.

Better hit the hay - - - -  Till Next Time

1 comment:

  1. Evening snacks have been a part of my routine for as long as I can remember. As I am trying to better control my diabetes and weight, I need to lose this habit. Good luck finding a way to get more sleep. Good job on the food choices.