Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 10/22/10 Thrown by the scale numbers?

10/22/10    Numbers Still Affecting my Behaviors!

The scale ead 280 this morning and I know I am retaining fluid but obviously some place inside me decided "what the heck" and I bought a carrot cake, figuring I'd have a slice as dessert = = wellll, I ate half the cake!  It is the size of a small loaf pan so it isn't a 3 layer huge 12" round, but    ~  come on.  Guess I can't have dessert in the house when it is more than one serving.  I bought a muffin tin the other day and the ingredients to make healthy portion sized muffins that one of the bloggers wrote about.   Thought that would be a good idea, and now I wonder abot that.

Keep thinking today was a little slip.  Seems the calories added up to 1600 so I wasn't all the way out of the ballpark and I guess that's progress.  I will freeze the other half of the cake after dividing it into 2 servings.  Have to keep in mind I amin control.//// not the food.

Now for a good nights sleep.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thursday   October 21, 2010   Chosen Weigh In Day  

Down 3 pounds this week, .... Down 11 pounds in 3 months,
since July 20.  Progress not perfection.  Have been trying very hard to choose the correct foods to lose and have changed some automatic reactions to some stress.  Have been staying out of the mainstream a lot though, so don't have a lot of stress from others to deal with.  Reading the blogs has been very helpful too.  Decided to keep food prep simple after copying many recipes and realizing I HAVE many recipes that I've never used because I turn to the regular non sauced specialities.  Once in a while for super flavor might use a sauce, but otherwise will do what comes easily and the way I've cooked all my life.  It's going to be a GREAT day.