Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 10/22/10 Thrown by the scale numbers?

10/22/10    Numbers Still Affecting my Behaviors!

The scale ead 280 this morning and I know I am retaining fluid but obviously some place inside me decided "what the heck" and I bought a carrot cake, figuring I'd have a slice as dessert = = wellll, I ate half the cake!  It is the size of a small loaf pan so it isn't a 3 layer huge 12" round, but    ~  come on.  Guess I can't have dessert in the house when it is more than one serving.  I bought a muffin tin the other day and the ingredients to make healthy portion sized muffins that one of the bloggers wrote about.   Thought that would be a good idea, and now I wonder abot that.

Keep thinking today was a little slip.  Seems the calories added up to 1600 so I wasn't all the way out of the ballpark and I guess that's progress.  I will freeze the other half of the cake after dividing it into 2 servings.  Have to keep in mind I amin control.//// not the food.

Now for a good nights sleep.

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