Sunday, July 24, 2016

7/24/2016       WHOLE   NEW  APPROACH

WT:  254.6        I have finally come down from the 270's and have found that I need my food to be tasty and need to be quick.  Joined a weekly support group that meets thru the phone and on Facebook - PLUS being able to text or call anyone in the group all week long.  It is a slow long process - but that is part of what is going to make this a permanent loss.  Used to consider every time I lost weight ( 7 times) that I was successful.... but I realize now until my weight loss is permanent I won't consider that journey successful.  Looks like this time will be that permanent time.

Monday, April 4, 2016

4/4/16    Wt: 263.2     STILL  HANGING  IN  THERE!

Seems this is ending.  Am working at this weight loss journey for a long time now.  That's OK.  At least I am healthy because of good food choices.  Need to move more and if I can get the body to quit aching so much - will start walking.  Intend to start Louise Hay's bone soup program.  Will report back in a week.

7/4/16   Wt: 260.2     MORE THAN A WEEK

The number is going in the right direction.  Not very fast but that's okay.  Working the psychology end of this weight loss which is a big part of getting this to be permanent.  Never got the bone soup going.  Have improved the body though.  I am declaring freedom (on this 4th of July) from the bonds of excess weight.  Self-Care is going to be my daily top priority which covers not only the body care necessary, but attending to getting enough sleep and taking care of the spriritual side of me.

7/24/2016    Wt:  254.6     MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION

New approach to taking off these excess pounds.  Joined the
"The Better Weigh" group which meets online weekly.  2 Life Coaches and Sean leading.  Then there is a private Facebook and we can text or call each other during the week for support.  The idea of knowing I have to ck in for accountability on Tue. night has helped me keep on the straight and narrow.  The result has been, since joining (June 7th)  I have taken off (from 265.2 - 254.6) 11 pounds!  I am happy about that.  For the first time I am also getting rid of the too big clothes.  I believe this is the magic 8th time! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


11/04/2015    Wt: 268.6

Am a bit upset when looking back on archived wt. list only to see I've been in the 260's for a very long time. That is changing.

New Resolutions:  Am cutting back on recreational eating
                               Will stick to my calorie budget
                               Hunger attacks will be handled with veggies

Will blog at least once a week - hopefully more often.

Establishing new habits will bring better living!
For now ~ 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Absolute New Start  -  Renewing Using All Learned Info

June 13, 2015     Wt: 261.8   
Jumping off the Merry-Go-Round
Thought that just like when I gave up smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, always having a pack of cigarettes with me at all times so I wouldn't have to "borrow" one if I absolutely wanted it, that I could have chocolate in the house.  I was wrong.  I start eating from the dark chocolate (healthy for you say the experts) candy bar and don't stop.  If they are putting things in the dark chocolate bars that make you want more, just as in other foods I don't know . . .  but I DO know I need to change MY behavior.  Will start using the WW scale I bought for measuring and count my calories.  Will also record them on "My Fitness Pal" to be sure I am accurate and ALSO to keep track of the health ingredients.  I need to be serious about taking good care of myself and also loving me - even more wrinkled body as I lose this excess weight.  

Am starting to feel this condo is my home.  More than ever before.  I WANT to make it VERY livable for me and having a sitting room upstairs will be a big step in the right direction.  Once I get rid of all the boxes and bags that need going through and decision making on them, this will be my little touch of heaven.  I will be able to make my own decisions about things - have Jen, Wayne and the kids nearby which is wonderful.  Am praying that the Florida house will be sold in a decent amount of time and without trouble.

Am very grateful to be at this juncture in my life - able to help the kids and show my love to them, appreciating who they are and what they do.

Till Next Time ~

Monday, May 11, 2015

New Day - Clean Slate - - Plodding Along

5/11/2015   Wt: 255 (at Rog's)

That scale is 10 pounds lower than mine.    Knowing that I am actually weighing 265 on my scale.

Looked over my weight over the past 20 years and see that once I settle in on a weight for a while - say after losing 15 pounds or so, my body clings to that with all it's might - - - so I end up staying there for quite a while.  It's like the body makes it it's new set point.  This tells me I have to fight hard to get through that leveling off.

Had major back problems after vacuuming the 3 bedrooms and bathrooms.  It finally has eased enough to allow me to be functional as of today.  Guess vacuuming is off the list for me.

Trying to decide on what I ABSOLUTELY want to take to MKE with me - and to get that packed before the end of the month.  Not an easy task.

Till Next Time .....

Thursday, May 7, 2015


5/7/2015       Wt: 268     

Got estimates for the carpet cleaning and power washing of the patio.  Will not order either of them done right now.  Will see what I can do on my own.  However,  I did some vacuuming today and my back is hurting a lot.  Will try attacking the living room carpet myself - can't make it any worse than it is.  Can always put a rug over it.  The grill is gone and Helene might take the kneeling lady fountain, so the outside will be closer to ready.

Am invited to Rog & Kathy's for Mother's Day and will take the Sijan sculptures over there.  She offered to drive them to MKE.

The stress of getting these last items checked off the "sell" list has had me not be as attentive with my eating choices.  Today has been better.

Till Next Time ......

Monday, May 4, 2015

A New Start - A New Month

5/4/15    Ready to march on forward ~  ~ ~

Seems there is a feeling of being vulnerable when being "smaller" that has a 
negative effect to trying to lose weight.  It doesn't feel "safe" to be small - this is a basic animalistic throwback to caveman days.  Add to that personal experience in feeling helpless when being in a smaller body, and it needs to be worked on to not let it undo a lot of good work that is done toward becoming healthier.

'Till next time .......