Thursday, May 7, 2015


5/7/2015       Wt: 268     

Got estimates for the carpet cleaning and power washing of the patio.  Will not order either of them done right now.  Will see what I can do on my own.  However,  I did some vacuuming today and my back is hurting a lot.  Will try attacking the living room carpet myself - can't make it any worse than it is.  Can always put a rug over it.  The grill is gone and Helene might take the kneeling lady fountain, so the outside will be closer to ready.

Am invited to Rog & Kathy's for Mother's Day and will take the Sijan sculptures over there.  She offered to drive them to MKE.

The stress of getting these last items checked off the "sell" list has had me not be as attentive with my eating choices.  Today has been better.

Till Next Time ......

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