Monday, May 11, 2015

New Day - Clean Slate - - Plodding Along

5/11/2015   Wt: 255 (at Rog's)

That scale is 10 pounds lower than mine.    Knowing that I am actually weighing 265 on my scale.

Looked over my weight over the past 20 years and see that once I settle in on a weight for a while - say after losing 15 pounds or so, my body clings to that with all it's might - - - so I end up staying there for quite a while.  It's like the body makes it it's new set point.  This tells me I have to fight hard to get through that leveling off.

Had major back problems after vacuuming the 3 bedrooms and bathrooms.  It finally has eased enough to allow me to be functional as of today.  Guess vacuuming is off the list for me.

Trying to decide on what I ABSOLUTELY want to take to MKE with me - and to get that packed before the end of the month.  Not an easy task.

Till Next Time .....

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