Monday, April 4, 2016

4/4/16    Wt: 263.2     STILL  HANGING  IN  THERE!

Seems this is ending.  Am working at this weight loss journey for a long time now.  That's OK.  At least I am healthy because of good food choices.  Need to move more and if I can get the body to quit aching so much - will start walking.  Intend to start Louise Hay's bone soup program.  Will report back in a week.

7/4/16   Wt: 260.2     MORE THAN A WEEK

The number is going in the right direction.  Not very fast but that's okay.  Working the psychology end of this weight loss which is a big part of getting this to be permanent.  Never got the bone soup going.  Have improved the body though.  I am declaring freedom (on this 4th of July) from the bonds of excess weight.  Self-Care is going to be my daily top priority which covers not only the body care necessary, but attending to getting enough sleep and taking care of the spriritual side of me.

7/24/2016    Wt:  254.6     MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION

New approach to taking off these excess pounds.  Joined the
"The Better Weigh" group which meets online weekly.  2 Life Coaches and Sean leading.  Then there is a private Facebook and we can text or call each other during the week for support.  The idea of knowing I have to ck in for accountability on Tue. night has helped me keep on the straight and narrow.  The result has been, since joining (June 7th)  I have taken off (from 265.2 - 254.6) 11 pounds!  I am happy about that.  For the first time I am also getting rid of the too big clothes.  I believe this is the magic 8th time!