Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another  Awareness  Arrives

1/27/2015    Amazing How Growth Continues

DAILY STRESS:  Just realized that the trigger to "eat sweets" for comfort and quieting is because of everyday stress that arrives on a regular basis.  Yesterday found out a long time girlfriend, Sandra Schuetz, that I walked with to high school everyday had died last April.  We went rollerskating to the Palomar Roller Rink every Thursday also.  We were the same age and actually were friends as toddlers because of living across the street from each other up to 6 years old.  Hadn't seen each other often in our adult life, but kept in touch - at least at X-Mas and once other time during the year with a phone call.  Can't believe she's gone.

Another problem yesterday was my iPhone not able to get or send email.  Tried many things that weren't working so of course I was frustrated.  Finally hit on connecting the phone through the cable, to the computer and adding the new password after that.  It took quite a few hours to come to the process that worked.  I ate chocolate but didn't have any ice cream in the house.

Today dealt with a DirecTV bill that was way too high.  Took the entire morning.  Again the "wanting to eat something pleasurable" was/is strong.  Guess knowing this up front should give me an edge to conquering it?

The forever fight to gain control of this body and make sure I stay healthy and active.  Can tell my muscles are losing power and even makes walking any distance difficult.  We lose muscle mass unless we work actively to keep it I guess.

Till Next Time ......

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weight Loss - Personal Growth

1/25/2015    Am grateful for another day of beautiful blue skies and sunshine!  The temp has dropped to 54F but that is better than freezing and I have a working furnace keeping me comfortable.

Found an old email that points out how what happened to me at 7 after Daddy died - where I was an abuse victim and was blamed & punished.  My response was to break my beloved "writch watch" I had received from Hank in the Army in France before he was killed later that year, and started using sweets to self-soothe.   A similar thing happened in 1971 where I was a victim, blamed and started self-soothing to the weight gain I am struggling with today.  Need to spend some time with that to resolve it and move on.

Need to put food and eating as a program in the background - running there for nourishment, while up front get back to living life.  I have come down in weight from the high of 303 to the 260's but have hovered there for the past few years.  Time to aim at 180.  That means 80 pounds to lose and should be accomplished in a year.
Am setting Jan. 27, 2016 as the date I arrive at goal.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weight Loss - Personal Growth

1/21/2015   Hello Healthy  -  Finding the Right Lifestyle

Marty left yesterday and it is time for me to get back to business.  Am working on how I feel about the way Meg treats me.  It seems she is an irritant - and she actually goes out of her way to irritate me - every time she is in my presence.  Will work on this.  Ex: not looking at me during lunch at the beach including when I was talking to her or she was talking to me.  I called her on it and she accused me of hurting her feelings saying that - to which I replied she was hurting MY feelings by not looking at me.  If we were not in public I'm sure she would have exploded and ran off.  That is her usual behavior.

Had a Dr. Oz 10 shake for breakfast.  Even though I have leftovers from some unhealthy choices of the last few days - think those are not going to be consumed by "Ms Healthy" here.  I like the USANA shakes better.

Am finally finished with the cold that gripped me at Christmas this year.  Am looking forward to starting a walking program to increase muscle strength.  Small amount at first then to work up to a mile.

Will take this day to get myself back in shape to carry on with daily necessities but also to get the house ready for sale?

Till Next Time

Saturday, January 17, 2015



1/17/15  Had a good day yesterday until late afternoon.  RoseMary called and invited me to join them at a Chinese restaurant.  I did.  Food was not that good and in coming home I had a muffin from the four she gifted me with.... PLUS as the evening wore on I kept thinking ice cream.  Made a dash to WinnDixie to buy it and had a large bowl.  Am sure my calories for the day were 3,000 plus.  Am using the MFP tracker for calories and weight.

Intend to make this a 100% day.  Tomorrow can be also because there isn't any reason Marty can't eat clean along with me.

Till Later.....

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Serious  Work  To  Be  Done  This  Year

1/15/2015   Wt: 265   Going to Make This Day Count

Picking up on Sean Anderson's saying we have to choose for exercise things we enjoy or we will not stay with it.  With food choices I have also learned it has to be tasty to keep us satisfied.  I used to think it was as long as you had hunger pangs at bay the weight loss could be done.  That will happen - by gritting your teeth and white knuckling it... but it probably won't be permanent.

Our ultimate weight losses did not come from dieting alone. They came from change in lifestyle, a change in attitude, and a deeper understanding of the source of our need.  If you tell yourself you are about to enter the land of permanent deprivation, you will feel despondent and even punished.  Without knowing why you do what you do, no regime will stick and you'll likely be back to your old ways soon enough.   Paul Williams

Till next time....

Friday, January 2, 2015

Into the New Year - 2015  Is Here

Affirmation:  Mindful & Honest

1/2/15     Wt. 265    Looks like I haven't made much progress this past year.  2015 is going to be different.  There WILL be progress.  

Am reading the Paul Williams/Tracey book and finding helpful their approach to recovery from addiction and use of Affirmations.  Every bite of food today that passes my lips - will be done mindfully and honestly.  Mindfully as to the fact that I will consider if the food is high in fat or sugar and do I want that for today's consumption?  Honest in so far as not slipping in something "that is good for me" such as nuts, into my oatmeal in the morning - especially after I have just had the 2 Filberts/Brazil Nuts that Dr. Oz says we should have per day to keep us healthy.  These little thoughts that slip in are in need of examining mindfully and honestly.

Till Next Time .......