Thursday, January 15, 2015

Serious  Work  To  Be  Done  This  Year

1/15/2015   Wt: 265   Going to Make This Day Count

Picking up on Sean Anderson's saying we have to choose for exercise things we enjoy or we will not stay with it.  With food choices I have also learned it has to be tasty to keep us satisfied.  I used to think it was as long as you had hunger pangs at bay the weight loss could be done.  That will happen - by gritting your teeth and white knuckling it... but it probably won't be permanent.

Our ultimate weight losses did not come from dieting alone. They came from change in lifestyle, a change in attitude, and a deeper understanding of the source of our need.  If you tell yourself you are about to enter the land of permanent deprivation, you will feel despondent and even punished.  Without knowing why you do what you do, no regime will stick and you'll likely be back to your old ways soon enough.   Paul Williams

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