Friday, January 2, 2015

Into the New Year - 2015  Is Here

Affirmation:  Mindful & Honest

1/2/15     Wt. 265    Looks like I haven't made much progress this past year.  2015 is going to be different.  There WILL be progress.  

Am reading the Paul Williams/Tracey book and finding helpful their approach to recovery from addiction and use of Affirmations.  Every bite of food today that passes my lips - will be done mindfully and honestly.  Mindfully as to the fact that I will consider if the food is high in fat or sugar and do I want that for today's consumption?  Honest in so far as not slipping in something "that is good for me" such as nuts, into my oatmeal in the morning - especially after I have just had the 2 Filberts/Brazil Nuts that Dr. Oz says we should have per day to keep us healthy.  These little thoughts that slip in are in need of examining mindfully and honestly.

Till Next Time .......

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