Monday, April 27, 2015



4/27/2014    WT: 263.8

Seems I have myself on maintenance - and I'm not anywhere near goal weight.  What is this?  Will I be able to change my lifestyle to get the weight loss going again?  Surely need to do that.  Not even aiming for 100% day because that sets me up for reacting negatively.  Am looking forward to getting my energy and ability to move without pain - and know that happens a lot more when I am just another 10 pounds down from where I am at.  Today is the day.  Committed - renewing my resolve.  Have been drinking my water but the eating after 8:00 and/or 3 hrs before bed has not been a starred item.  The other is moving.  I remember Greene saying even before you start the food regulation, to get moving and make that a habit.  Will incorporate those two things for the next week and will report on my success.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

3/4/15     Easter Time - A New Re-Birth

Finally made it back.  When I take a break I sure make it a good long one, huh?  Am going to try to be here a little more often.

WT: 262.8   At least I am still in the 60's.  Should have been down to goal weight but will not beat myself up over it.  I respond better to kindness than to shame and guilt.  Am cutting sugar out of my food consumption, a little at a time.  Going cold turkey on quitting smoking didn't work for me - took 6 major tries before me to become a permanent non-smoker.  On Dr. Oz, he  said the same thing about losing weight and getting with a program that works for you... they have found it takes 6 attempts.  THIS has to be that 6th time for me.

Quote:  Today's decisions create tomorrow's reality.

Till next time,