Saturday, July 12, 2014

            Unhappy With my FoodChoices Lately

July 12, 2014              Can't Seem to get Back on Track

Have to remember to not let myself get ~ 
Those are saboteurs of being in control and having the ability to see weight loss.

I can't seem to get this track going like I used to do.  I keep having a "no. 1 Day and Start" over and over again.  What is keeping me from making a solid commitment?  Am trying to get in touch with that.  This has been going on for a long time but the circumstances I am in at this time are rather new to the process so need to do examining of that.  Food and movement are to be looked at closely.  I will not give up!!!   I keep consoling myself with what I have done in the last year and the scale numbers are going in the right direction but you & I know that it is a drop in the bucket.  Like throwing a deck chair of an ocean liner.

Till next time ~ ~ ~

Am trying to learn how to get this blog to a spot where I like the looks of it but also filling in with areas that I want to keep track of all in one place - not in 20 different note books.

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