Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7, 2014   9:00 A.M. Wt: 265.2

 Greatest Gift - Commitment!

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is a strong commitment!  I need to put that on my Mirror to see each morning and re-commit that THAT particular day is going to get me to where I am headed.  My ideal goal would be 170.  That may mean I will need to go to 160 because of the way my wt. fluctuates.  I think I am on the right path, even though I am not following the 17 Day Plan EXACTLY.  Perhaps that has been a major flaw.... wanting to follow the rules EXACTLY and when not doing that, throwing in the towel. Perhaps a complete "throw in" or maybe a little at a time, until I am headed for 300 pounds.  It is scary.  I know if I get this excess wt. off I will be MUCH more functional and feel better all the way around.  It is not a matter of choosing unhealthy (sugar and high/bad fat) over healthy food.  I know I can do SO much more in my daily life than I am able to do at present.  Have been making good decisions but have let some of the bigger ones throw me.  That has nothing to do with weight.  I need to stand up to what I can do.  Looks like I may be going to MKE for June, July, August and Sept and get the house on the market next season.  I will be working primarily in the next month toward closing the house down with some packing toward the sale/move.  Need to figure out the $ cost of keeping both places for another year.  I know I can do it but would it be wise to go that route.  Probably.  I cannot buy a place like I have here for the dollars I will get for it.  Having this for me during the cold months with the MKE condo for the summer is ideal.  Time to get into my day.  

Think the AHA at this point today was realizing how the "Staff Sergeant" approach, attitude may be what has been my undoing so far with my weight. Every time I have come down to goal, it has been all or nothing.  This time I am taking it a little softer, having more patience with how I stumble.  Hmm

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