Friday, May 9, 2014


Wt: 265.0 

Had new idea to ask Rosemary if she would be willing to drive with me to MKE and she is!!!  The date is earlier than I had originally planned and That created all kinds of inner stress of course and I obviously hit what sweets were available by evening time.  Had been reasonable all day but in the evening had 3 EXTRA Weight Watcher ice cream bars and MUCH peanut butter and Nutello!  Have To be able to handle this stress and I will!  

Also had a new AHA this morning that in 1971 when I gained all this weight back originally - was not only the stress of Irene dying, Larry and the Union shenanigans but having the DeMarini fiasco.  I had a hard time believing I could not trust myself.  My incident was if not exactly a good match for Larry's.  I came to know I COULD trust myself but evidently not at a deep level.  That could be what is a BIG root to my weight problem.  1971 also saw me selling Diet Control and went into that depression just laying on the couch most of the day.  Took until 1979 for my leg to give out which was really the disc giving out in my back and needing back surgery.  1970-1980 was a hard decade for me.  People talk about a hard year - Geesh!!! How about a CATASTROPHIC DECADE.  Guess I need to work on those years and see what else I can root out.  Enough for today.

Stay Strong Nanci

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