Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 10, 2014    Day 13 of 17 Day Plan

Wt: 262.8   Had a good day yesterday with following the plan food choices and didn't take any naps during the day.  Went to bed at 9:30PM so of course was up a few times during the night, but still feel rested.  Am happy about yesterday not being as hard as the first few days of this Plan.  Have been cutting out Pasta, bread, bread products and junk food.  Think basically this will have to be how I eat after this.  A carb choice now and then perhaps can;t even be in my future.  That seems to start me down the road to high numbers and it is painful.  Don't need anymore pain in my life, especially if I am at the helm doing the choosing.

Expect to have another good day today.  Have 5 days to go to be at the end of the first 17 days of the plan.  I would like the scale to read 10 pounds down, but we'll see how it goes.  I will be satisfied being in the 50's.

Realized yesterday my choice of going to DeMarini's in 1971 and then telling L about it had to be as hurtful to him as his shenanigans with the union was to me.  Don't think the 1976 Marriage Encounter ever healed that portion of us as we never dealt with it.  

I have to be careful to not overload my problems on friends as I can see that is no good.  Penny let me know, VERY NICELY, that we should contact each other only once a week to report at least until I get to WI.  She is a great teacher.  It woke me up.  Will work on improving on that.  I talk too much and have to try to change that.  Not TRY - - -  I WILL change that.

Strength Dear Lord - give me Strength!

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