Friday, September 24, 2010

Each Day a New Start - ACCOUNTABILITY September 24, 2010 290

9/24/2010   EACH  DAY  COUNTS - 

Starting today I will write here daily and face the reality of where I am in this weight fight.  I was going to say "weight GAME" and correced myself in my thinking immediately that THIS IS NOT A GAME!  My life depends on it.  I am morbidly obese and will change that.
    Didn't weigh today because yesterday when I weighed in I was up 7 pounds from the Thursday before.  Some of that had to be fluid retention but I let it throw me.  I deserved a weight gain but not 7 pounds I thought.  Have to change that "reward--Punishment" thinking.  The scale is just a measuring tool to keep me informed.  Last Thursday I weighed 290.  That hurts me to have to write that.  Phew.  Hard to face.  I had been 283 the Thurs. before.  This is changing right now.  Each day I realize our bodies can weigh different from one day and ALSO one minute to the next the what and why we weigh what we do, but I am behind this weight train.  I am the engineer.  Knowing what works alone doesn't do it, it take ACTION.
Br:  Oaatmeal, raisins, Almond Breeze (milk)
Snack:  3 cris;y bars
Lunch"  2 Turkey Hot Dogs. 1 bread, with mustard, 1/2 Cucumber, 8 oz. G2
Snack:  1/2 Orange
Dinner:  Bowl Homemade chicken soup. 1 slice toast
Snack:  Apple

There you have it.  A new approach to DAY ONE!


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