Monday, September 6, 2010


WHAT HAPPENED?  I'm still learning about blogging I guess.  Must have pressed a key without knowing it. 
It IS going to be a happy holiday = quiet for me and happy because my ankly stopped hurting.  Thought the pain was from too much walking around unpacking and putting things back ..... but had some shrimp and now wonder if that set off my gout.  Took the meds I have for that and it cleared.  Will be able to get a lot done today.
    All the advice of the experts keep saying NO MORE EXCUSES and WHAT  IS  THE  REASON YOU ARE FAT?  Well, I didn't think I had excuses going for me - but with this ankle thing, which has had a constant small pain in it until today, makes me wonder.  I know I worry about "getting hurt" and making things so bad I have to sit for a week because of the pain.  Am I using my back, my knee and my ankle as excuses?  Hmmm   Today is another FIRST day of changing my lifestyle.  If I had a nickle for all the FIRST DAYS  - you know the rest.   It's going to be a good day - good Monday - good Holiday.
Bye for now....

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