Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 9 - Of Restart Counting Calories

After having a lapse (again) of many days, restarting (again) and today is Day 9

Had a 3 pound loss this past week.  Now to hold that and lose another 2 or 4 !    I am determined, as Sean of "The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser" to do this eating regular food.  My choices have to be supreme and tasty and healthy - and controlled.  Am starting down that road.  Have to remember that it takes time.  Loretas Journey Blog points that out again, using the planting seeds and letting them grow, analogy.  You can't keep digging them up to see how they are doing.  It takes time.
    Went out to lunch today to celebate my niece's birthday and her husband's belated birthday, plus mutual friend coming in to visit for a week.  Had a marvelous time and I think I chose well.  Had the lettuce wrap appetizers, a small piece from my nephew's luncheon plate of "sweet chicken plus veggies"and the small little larger than a shot glass dessert, filled with terimasu.  PERFECT  Everyone had s wonderful time.  I don't eat out often, but when I do I intend to do intelligent choosing, to fit my chosen journey map.
     Will be getting a phone with a camera in it tomorrow..  Will be able to learn how and then add pics to my blogs.  I have a lot to learn about this blogging.
      Another day of good choices and encouraging one another!  Fabulous.

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