Saturday, August 7, 2010

Working on Consistency

8/7/2010     Day 24     Working on Consistency  

Met friends for brunch yesterday and ordered 2 poached eggs w/toast and did well.  Then went to the Chocolae House that has an outlet store and purchased many pounds of wholesale GOOD chocolate.  Well, you know what happened.  That chocolate called to me all the way home and I succumed !  Guess I'd  call it a less than perfect food choice day, but AM proud of getting back aboard the commitment mode today.  It was a little bit of a struggle - had my cheerios with raisins for breakfast, a 2 egg plus egg whites (salsa on the side) and 1/2 orange - - for lunch......  saving calories for a pizza dinner.  I am proud of that orange for dessert, being as that chocolate was calling to me LOUDLY.   I did buy it to be placed in dishes around the house for the birthday party of Mandy, my granddaughter, on the 16th,    

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