Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8/11/2010 Day28 Another Luncheon Meeting

Another Luncheon - Learning to Eat Out

Seems most get togethers with friends involves eating.  Previously I   just threw caution to the wind and would eat with abandon.  That has contibuted to my obesity.  Today, even though it is a restaurant with most food fried, I am determined to find something healthy.  This has to be a new way of living.  I thought I had done that before,  but upon deep analylization, I see I was wallowing in my "normal" size for the first time in my life that I remembered.  I didn't want that to change, but I had done it with a diet - food restriction.  I did learn to enjoy baked or broiled fish. I actually don't like fried fish to this day.  Used to only eat fish breaded and fried covered with tartar sauce.  My weight is 100 pounds higher than when I started on that early form of Weight Watchers.  It was healthy choices even back then, but with "legal" and "illegal" foods, very restrictive.  As Sean Anderson (The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser) says, it's 20% food and exercise and 80% mindset.  Changing our responses to our responses to stress and other learned behavior is the key to keeping the excess weight off.  This has been a lifetime work for me and this time HAS to be successful.
    Will let you know the results of today's outing.  I will choose non-fried food and emphasize the interchange of conversation.
    Am working on a appropo sign off ~

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