Thursday, August 5, 2010


8/5/2010     DAY  22    FAST RECOVERY

A pattern of turning to carbs when super stressed, repeated itself twice in the past week, as it has (since childhood) as a coping mechanism.  I am proud to say after yesterdays fall off the cliff, I got right back with it today!  Woo Hoo.  That's faster than I've ever done.  You may be able to relate if you've committed to lose weight, "fallen off the wagon" and found it took a month or more to get back on track.  I thought the motivation and inspiration of reading Sean Anderson's blog "The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser" had changed that, but obvioualy a deeply imbedded way to handle stomach pains and throat constrictions caused by accumulated or extreme stress, will need more work.  I started with this new commitment on July 15th and have been proud of changing (for the first time) over the past 22 days, some accumulated  learned behaviors .  I intend to use this blog to keep me focused.  I've journaled before for years, which has moved me down the road toward success - but have not reached as yet obviously.  Any suggestions in this direction will be much appreciated.
    Aiming for 1500 calories a day - and here is my list since I started writing cal. down on July 20th.
7/20    1860                                    8/1    2460     Meltdown
7/21    1130                                    8/2    1200
7/22    1530                                    8/3    1270
7/23    1665+   Meltdown               8/4    2380    Meltdown          1525.8823  average
7/24    1680                                    8/5    1090
7/25    1320
7/26    1420
7/27    1680                                    Interesting to see the inconsistency in cal.  The higher days were  hard.
7/28    1230
7/29    1575
7/30    2220    Meltdown
7/31    1310

I am new at this blogging but intend to have this be my journaling from here on out.  It will be my accounting for the food I consume and to report my weight loss/control.  Whenever I recorded calories before, if I had a MELTDOWN, I would throw in the towel and quit recording.  That alone has changed here.  I am being accountable in reporting my calorie consumption..  I am aiming at losing 100 pounds - so here we go ~
One Day At A Time!
Just Nanc

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