Friday, August 8, 2014

August 8,  2014    Struggling  Along

Seems I can follow a good food choices for one day in a row - then undo it by 2 or 3 days of many highysugar fat, loaded with sugar items.  No wonder it is taking me so long to come down in weight but at least the numbers on the scale are moving in the right direction.  Today I was extra hungry.  Could have been those 2 smoothie meals yesterday.  Can't do 2 smoothie meals in one day.  One now and then doesn't seem to throw me.  When I get the "I want more of that" thoughts, I know it is loaded with fat and sugar.... usually sugar for sure.  Interesting.  Was having dark chocolate yesterday thinking it was sugar free.  Had the "want more" thoughts plaguing my mind, and when checking the ingredients - sure enough 7 grams of sugar! Need to get sugar out of my daily food supply.  Next thing for me to work on seriously!


  1. Hi Nancy! I just found you from Sean's site. Sorry you are struggling! Sugar can be a real bear when we are stressed, for sure. (and well, frankly, just in general. LOL) Good luck!

  2. Nancy - like Gwen above, I just found you from Sean's site. The comment you made, "The fog moves in without warning and it is not easy to work/walk through.." on his blog on 10/30 REALLY struck a chord with me! What a wise and profound comment!

    I was doing very well for a long while and have been struggling the last few months. We truly are all in this together and often in the same boat!

    Anyway, your comment shored me up and it wasn't even directed at me - so thank you!